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Headless Storefront for Odoo

Accelerate your time to market by saving development  time with a JavaScript framework agnostic front end for Odoo. Use Vue.js to create fast, mobile-first presentation layers to convert and sell.

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Benefits of Vue Storefront integration with Odoo

Reduce Time-to-Market

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Headless commerce without replatforming

Decouple fast without replatforming

Start your headless commerce journey with the frontend to swiftly remove the constraints of your monolithic Odoo software. A fast, mobile-first and scalable frontend finally allows you to provide excellent experiences to meet ever-changing customer needs.

Frontend as a Service

A proven solution to build custom storefronts at a fraction of the cost and time.


Uplift web performance to get high conversion rates and revenue.


Build a scalable and flexible eCommerce ecosystem with API connections.

Core integration features

Vue Storefront provides an architecture and a template with customizable, mobile-optimized components, like home page, product page, checkout, or user account.

Category Page
Product Page
Search Result Page
Checkout Process
Customer Account

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Join us at our event to learn more about the features supported by the Vue Storefront & Odoo integration.

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Date & Time
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
3:00 PM 4:00 PM (Europe/Lisbon)



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